How web design goes to hell?

This is for all the web designers who have suffered as I have suffered. How difficult can it be to design a good website? When you're working with a nightmare client, it's really difficult. Graphic Design Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, students and graphic design enthusiasts. After all, it's work, it helps pay the rent, and if the customer insists on wanting garbage even though you fight for good design values, you've done everything you could.

Advertisement How a web design goes straight to hell This inspirational credit goes to theoatmeal for doing so. This might be a classic piece of Internet fun, but if customers keep insisting that “cutting-edge” is a valid phrase that web designers can work with, then this comic will always have an audience. If this worries you, you're most likely a professional web designer with a proven track record who has been forced to follow this path or has been close to it.

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