Do web designers use coding?

They also use code such as HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) to create their designs. Web designers usually have a specialty, which we will dedicate ourselves to right now. Yes, the web designer has to work with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create a design for the web. This design then deals with coding to do it online.

And for that, it's very important for the web designer to understand the components of their design to represent them as a code. For that, they must have coding knowledge, not completely comprehensive but basic. Many designers and industry personalities, including Jeffrey Zeldman, who once said: “Real web designers write code. I've always done it, I always will.

I agree with him. Web developers work with programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to create websites and web applications. They will most likely also use other languages to configure email services, user authentication, databases, and other technical aspects of websites. To do this, developers use several essential tools, such as text editors, the command line interface and version control systems, to create the technical information (the code) that will present the data.

Web designers pay attention to how their UX designs and visual elements affect users, as well as the appearance of the website, and then hand over their plans and designs for a web developer to code. While good, well-rounded web designers should be familiar with UX design, it's also common for them to collaborate with UX specialists. While designers could stop here and have developers implement the back-end (the data access layer), they can make a design more dynamic by adding some scripts. You'll always want to have other designers and developers on hand to contact in case you need additional help with your client's projects.

UX designers who program can demonstrate initial programming knowledge and JavaScript concepts; they would earn the respect of developers. Although user experience design involves aspects of graphic design, it actually has very little to do with CSS or HTML. But I fall in love with the web because I have discovered my talent, and that is learning to program and design. Programmer Spicer Matthews commented that web designers should have some programming skills, but that he thinks that “they have the right to say 'no, they don't want to work with code'.

If they can understand basic HTML and CSS, they'll know how to provide a design that a developer can program. They also have a team of engineers and design dedicated to creating new themes and improving the current ones so you know that they will work responsively on any device, no matter what. Aaron Walter, vice president of design training at InVision, explains how designers and developers can better collaborate on a Toptal Design Talks article. Web designers are not primarily responsible for knowing how the code works, but for making sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for website visitors.

Great designers understand that being familiar with the technological foundations on which their designs are based not only makes a designer more impressive, but also significantly increases their professional prospects. It's absolutely essential that web designers know the basic techniques of HTML and CSS, just as architects must know something about physics and materials science, print designers must know something about the CMYK printing process, and fashion designers must know something about fabrics. .

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