How long does it take to design a page?

A typical website will take at least 14 weeks from start to launch. This includes 3 weeks of discovery, 6 weeks of design, 3 weeks of initial development and 2 weeks of modifications. It could take much longer if you wait until the end to start writing content. Home page design is the most important task for any website because it is the main page or the face of the website.

The duration of the start page design depends on the project and business needs, which will take a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 2 days or more. The home page is the first interactive page with the user that will create an impression in the users' minds about the service and the reputation of your company. Therefore, it is necessary to create a user interface landing page design that looks good and is easy to read the objectives and vision of the business. The time it takes to develop a website ranges from 150 to 500 hours.

Lift has launched hundreds of websites over the years. Through that experience, we've come to understand the time it takes to launch a great website. Most web projects should wait 12 to 16 weeks from the time the project starts until the time the website is launched. When the complexity is greater or the scope of the project is particularly large, projects can take 6 months or more.

A simple 10- to 15-page website should take 4 to 6 weeks. This time frame assumes that this is a custom design. If someone tells you that they can create a website for you in a week; then it's not a custom design. Before your designer dedicates himself to writing a mockup, it's best to start with the basic structure of the main pages of your website.

Since the goal is to create a custom website, there will be a lot of web design elements and features that will require a great deal of time. It's also an excellent “icebreaker” that allows the designer to learn a little more about your business, what you do, your sales process and what your customers expect from you. If you don't skip any steps and take your time to create an attractive website, it will take you 29 to 35 days to develop and design your website. But what does a realistic timeline look like? What steps are part of the website development process and how long does each take? What are your options when designing and implementing your site and how do they affect the total time required? As Imillard said, the way to overcome the “design block” (to coin a term, perhaps) is to first forget what the site looks like and look at the content, that is, what the site needs to say.

For these types of web applications, you'll need to partner with a web development team that has at least one web designer on their team. Working with an outsourced web design team allows you to gain new information about popular new technologies that can help make your projects and the continuous improvement of your website a more streamlined and simple process. Every page is usually different, and usually the purpose of the page will determine its overall design and appearance. Whether you're designing a new website or tackling a redesign of your current website, the process is quite similar.

You may think that outsourcing the design and development of your website means losing control over your project entirely, but in reality you gain control by working with a communicative project management team. But they also require more time to design and develop, which affects how quickly the website can be launched. This allows the design team and the client to agree on the structure of the site before adding any graphic elements. It also includes design aspects that provide users with an excellent experience, which means that a web designer must ensure that the site is navigable and aesthetically pleasing.


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